Bolton Metro Swim Squad are a not-for-profit, entirely self-funded, not council subsidised, fully inclusive performance swimming squad for Bolton and the surrounding community - developing athletes to reach their full potential.

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Credit: Gary Crooks

Bolton Metro Swim Squad was founded in 1992 by David Evitts and his father, Brian Evitts. 

The squad provides a centre of excellence for talented swimmers working alongside swimming clubs in Bolton and the surrounding areas.

We aim to promote and encourage high-quality swimming performance across the Bolton region in a safe and healthy environment. Members of our squad will represent us in competitions at various levels, including local, county, regional, and national competitions.

Our ethos is to strive for excellence and support the development of our swimmers to reach their full potential. We believe swimming is a fantastic sport for children and young adults, as it promotes physical and mental well-being. In addition to the physical benefits, the sport teaches valuable life lessons such as teamwork, dedication, confidence, responsibility, and how to deal with success and failure.

Swimming creates memories and friendships that can last a lifetime. While not all of our swimmers may go on to compete in the Olympics, our goal is to help them reach their full potential and enrich their future with the skills and lessons they learn through the sport.


Credit: Gary Crooks


"Great swimming squad Son has been involved for over 9 years Great for his confidence and making some lifelong friendships. Thank you"

● Debbie King

Our Coaches

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Head Coach
Ric Howard
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Performance Coach
Rory Brennand
Placeholder Head shot
Age Group Coach
Eirini Tsoutsa
Placeholder Head shot
Izzy Tyler